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Spratling Silver: A Field Guide
Recognizing a William Spratling Treasure

Author: Phyllis M. Goddard

Keenan Tyler Paine 2003

ISBN 0-9740907-3-5

Some of the comments:

"...this is one of the finest practical guides on collectible silver that I have ever seen. Every page represents hard-won knowledge in a way that can be easily assimilated by other collectors. ..Goddard's Field Guide will become the Spratling collectors' 'Bible' for decades to come." - Will Chandler, Silver Magazine November-December 2003

"My hat goes off to you! On behalf of myself and Spratling lovers everywhere I want to thank you for researching and producing the definitive guide to William Spratling's hallmarks. You tackled a confusing and complex area and came up with a clear and interesting field guide that will prove valuable for years to come. I really enjoyed reading it page by page." - Sandy Cederwall

"Unbelievable book! Worth every penny AND MORE!!!!" - Fredrica Monosson

"Only a passionate collector, an excellent writer and a meticulous researcher could fashion a book like A Field Guide to Spratling Silver. Phyllis Goddard not only covers the topic of Spratling Silver brilliantly, but the book also is the very model of how a treatise on collecting should be written and produced" - Ed Schwartz

"Simply wonderful! The book looks absolutely great...plus, the content is so intensely packaged with the information everybody needs, and presented in a truly easy-to-use format, too." - Bille Hougart



  • Was everything marked with a Conquistador hallmark designed by Spratling?
  • According to its hallmarks what are the appropriate "links" part on authentic Spratling cuff links?
  • What hallmarks should appear on any Spratling jewelry that includes amethyst tulips?
  • Should I polish my silver - and if so, how?
  • What kind of necklace clasps and bracelet clasps did Spratling use and when was each used in his authentic designs?
  • Why is an Eagle 63 tertiary hallmark authentic only when used with a WS Script Square primary hallmark?
  • I have a Spratling bracelet of silver and bronze with Third Design Period hallmarks. Is it a fake?
  • What hallmarks should appear on designs with shallow incised parallel lines?


This new book has been designed for both the new and the experienced collector. There are sections on each of Spratling's three design periods. For each design period there are dozens of photos depicting the unique design elements, figural themes, materials used, and construction features that are typical for that specific period of time. Spratling's hallmarks - including authenticated variations are depicted in both the text and easy to follow charts. Learn to distinguish between authentic vs. copy. An additonal section discusses care of Spratling silver. Three indices enable one to find any item by design features (hands, serpents, applied discs, etc.), materials (tortoise shell, amethyst, obsidian, azur-malachite, etc.) or by kind of item (necklace, bracelet, bowl, ashtray, etc.). The book has been organized to enable users to locate complete information quickly and easily. There are more than 500 photos in this full color, easy to carry soft cover book. The information contained in the book is far more extensive than what appears on this website and is in a format specifically designed for this book. The two resources are designed to complement each other rather than to serve as a substitute.  No autograph. $39.95

Spratling Silver: A Field Guide
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The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks
Second Edition
Author: Bille Hougart
TBR International, Inc. 2006

The 2006 new and revised 2nd edition of the bestselling reference guide to identifying Mexican silver is compact, but loaded with images and graphics of over 1500 marks of silver makers, designers, manufacturers and silver houses in Taxco and throughout Mexico. Eagle numbers from 1 through eagle 219. The book includes all the great ones, including William Spratling, Hector Aguilar, Antonio Pineda, Sigi, Maricela, Salvador, Valentín Vidaurreta, Victoria, Fred Davis, Navarrete, Emma, Goodspeed, Maciel, Tane, Hubert Harmon, Chato, Matl, Margot and many, many others.

The book is fully cross-referenced and indexed for quick and handy searches. "Nowhere else are so many of the hallmarks, both known and unknown, brought together in one easy-to-use volume" (Modern Silver Magazine).

The original 2001 edition was reprinted 5 times to meet demand. The new edition reveals identities of many mystery marks and includes examples of marks never published before. Special sections describing fake marks are included for prominent designers! This is a must have for collectors, dealers, appraisers and fans of Mexican sterling silver jewelry and silver crafts. Autographed by Bille Hougart. $24.95. No longer available.

The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks
First Edition
Author: Bille Hougart
TBR International, Inc. 2001

This is the most comprehensive compilation of Mexican silver hallmarks available!  It includes more than 1200 marks - hallmarks, eagle marks, current registry marks, and alphabetical lists of initials.  The indexing and cross referencing in the book make it very easy to find information.  A "must have" for anyone interested in Mexican silver!  The 6" x 9" format makes it easy to carry along as one searches for new treasures!  Autographed by Bille Hougart.$17.45. No longer available.


Silver Gringo The Silver Gringo
Author: Joan Mark.
University of New Mexico Press; 2000.

This excellent biography of William Spratling is filled with previously unpublished information and insights on a most extraordinary man! Through Mark's writing, one has a sense of the spirit of the man ... his impatience, his passions, his broad interests, and his caring about the essence of Mexico's people and their timeless art. William Faulkner, Diego Rivera, Miguel Covarrubias, Mary Anita Loos, and others appear throughout this chronicle of Spratling's life. The story of Spratling's Mexican adventures can only enhance one's appreciation for his timeless designs. The full and active life he experienced as he created his silver designs, managed his company, bought and sold pre-Columbian art, authored books, and more is well portrayed in this book, as is his lonely existence in his later years. This well researched and documented book includes photographs and drawings. Autographed by Joan Mark. $29.95 No longer available.

The Color of Silver: William Spratling  His Life and Art
Author: Taylor D. Littleton
Louisiana State University Press  2000

A scholarly account of William Spratling is based primarily on Spratling's personal correspondence with his family.  Soon after Spratling's mother died in 1910, Spratling's father took his three children back to the Alabama family plantation known as Roamer's Roost.  For less than a year the children remained in the care of their grandfather (Spratling's father went on to Florida alone) and by 1913, the children were separated and sent to live with various relatives.  Thus was born an active correspondence that served to strengthen Spratling's sense of family.  Most of Spratling's correspondence with his family occurred before 1929 and prior to his move to Mexico, and so the strength of the new insights and perspective this book provides are most significant concerning the formative period of Spratling's life.  This personal chronicle has never been made public and now sheds light on the experiences and feelings that shaped the life of William Spratling.  Littleton provides extensive and rich context for these events so the reader has a strong sense of the times.  Throughout the book Littleton provides material that contradicts some of Spratling's own writings in his autobiography, File on Spratling published posthumously in 1967.  Autographed by Taylor Littleton.  $34.95 No longer available.


William Spratling and the Mexican Silver Renaissance
Author: Penny C. Morrill with essays by John W. Scott, Helen Delpar, Adriana Williams, Gobi Stromberg, Jaime Castrejón Diez, Christie Romero, Patrick Kapty, Phyllis Goddard, and Jill Crawford

Harry N. Abrams, Inc. in Association with the San Antonio Museum of Art  2002

This book was published as both a catalogue for the traveling museum exhibit Maestros de Plata sponsored by the San Antonio Museum of Art, with Penny C. Morrill, Guest Curator AND as an extraordinary new reference volume that tells the story of William Spratling's designs and seven decades of  silversmiths' art in Mexico. Essays include Renaissance - Transformation by Penny C. Morrill, William Spratling in New Orleans - The 1920s by John W. Scott, Mexico and Taxco, 1920 - 1940: Meccas for North Americans by Helen Delpar, Covarrubias, Spratling, and Davis by Adriana Williams, Origins and Development of the Taxco Silver Industry by Gobi Stromberg, Spratling and the Taxqueñians by Jaime Castrejón Diez, Mexican Metalsmithing Techniques by Christie Romero, The Matter of Taxco by Patrick Kapty, Reflections of a Collector by Jill Crawford, William Spratling: His Hallmarks and Stylistic Development by Phyllis Goddard, Hallmarks by Penny C. Morrill and Phyllis Goddard.

This is an exceptional reference volume for anyone interested in Mexican silver of the 20th century!  There are 450 illustrations with 350 in full color. 284 pages. Autographed by Penny Morrill.  $60.00. No longer available.

Spratling Silver: Supplement to 1962 Catalog
Facsimile Reproduction of Spratling's Wholesale Catalog, Digitally enhanced by Jeanne Breslin

This is much better than the original copy of the catalogue that I have in my collection!  The original printing and paper quality was poor, but this slightly larger and digitally enhanced version, spirally bound and on coated paper is terrific!  There are twenty pages of actual photos of Spratling designs that he offered for sale in 1962, each labeled with his catalogue ID number. A number of items are shown per page including jewelry, household objects and representative items from his entire line.  The back of the catalogue includes Spratling's wholesale price list (in pesos and in U.S. currency) for each item.  This is the same supplement Spratling used until his death in 1967.  He merely changed the price list insert in the back of the catalogue.  Spratling's catalogues are FUN! as well as a wonderful reference aid. Available in the Jewelry and Art Metal section of the Antique and Vintage Catalogs eBay store.

Spratling Silver  Centennial Edition
Author: Sandraline Cederwall and Hal Riney
Chronicle Books  2000

  EXPANDED EDITION OF THIS CLASSIC BOOK!  Twenty three pages of new photographs of outstanding Spratling items (three photographs from the first edition have been deleted), an updated hallmark explanation and hallmark page, a new Preface and the new Introduction by Cederwall make this beautiful book a "must have" even if you already own the first edition. The same format is continued in this volume with specific dimensions, materials, and hallmarks given for each item. As before, the photography of the new items (a full page is devoted to each) is masterful!  The dust jacket photograph is one of a pair of book-ends by Spratling.  Cederwall remarked to me "There were so many images to choose from that would have made great cover shots.  I selected the "Hand" because it was ...totally universal.  Spratling was more than... a designer of Mexican jewelry and silver.  I believe he should rank with the best of the international designers."  This expanded Centennial Edition is an important reference for the Spratling collector as well as for those who study and appreciate exceptional design.  176 pages.  Autographed by Sandy Cederwall.  $50.00. No longer available.

First Edition!

Now a Collector's Item

Spratling Silver 

Author: Sandraline Cederwall and Hal Riney
Chronicle Books  1990

This First Edition "out of print" book is far more than a "coffee table" book although it could certainly qualify for that description.  Each of the forty-four full page photographs is a masterpiece!  On the page facing each photograph is specific hallmark, materials used and dimension information for the item of hollowware or jewelry pictured.  Barnaby Conrad's text is interspersed with Spratling drawings and photographs.  A full page of general hallmark information (compiled by Ed Forcum and me more than twelve years ago) is also included. 128 pages.  Autographed by Sandy Cederwall.  $132.00. No longer available.

Mexican Silver

Third Edition

Author: Penny Chittim Morrill and Carole A. Berk.
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 2001.

This is the most recent revised edition of the volume originally published in 1994. Mexican Silver is the first definitive reference book devoted to Mexican silver of the twentieth century with a strong emphasis on Spratling's designs and production. The work of a number of designers is presented, but it generally is within the context of Spratling's influence. Extensive references are cited including conversations with Spratling's contemporaries in Mexico and the United States, Spratling documents retained by the Sucesores de William Spratling, and archival documents from government and library sources. The book includes more than 400 photographs, a listing of hallmarks used by Mexican silversmiths, and a value reference guide. This book is a "must" for anyone interested in learning more about Mexican silver, Taxco silver designers, and William Spratling. Autographed by Penny Morrill. $59.95 No longer available.

Another Book...

Personal Encounters with William Faulkner, Carl Sandburg, Gertrude Stein, William Spratling, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and T.S. Eliot by Ralph Hammond was published in December 2001.  The two sections on Spratling describe Hammond's personal account and experiences with Spratling when Spratling received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Auburn University in 1962.  Livingston Press of The University of West Alabama is the publisher.

 A Delightful Magazine Article...

Alabama Heritage Magazine, Number 59, Winter 2001, published in February 2001, contains a ten page, delightful and informative article entitled "William Spratling" by Wayne Greenhaw.  The cover of the magazine is a beautiful photograph of a Spratling necklace.  The article itself is accompanied by photographs of Spratling as well as drawings and photographs of some of his designs.  Copies of the magazine can be ordered from Alabama Heritage, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL  35487.  Telephone number is 205.348.7467.  Cost of the magazine is $8.50 including postage and handling.

Another Great Magazine Article...

The story of the reappearance - after fifty years -  of Spratling's Alaskan models is told by Anya Montiel, a research assistant for the Indian Arts and Crafts Board Headquarters Collection of the National Museum of the American Indian.  The article, "Remarkable Story Uncovered" appears in the Smithsonian's American Indian Magazine, Spring 2002.  The magazine is published quarterly as an NMAI member benefit; annual membership is $20.  To become a member, call 1.800.242.6624 or visit NMAI's website at www.AmericanIndian.si.edu.  

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