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Welcome to the Spratlingsilver.com Forum

There are six broad categories on the Forum. Under each category appears each question topic (called a thread). The date of the last entry appears to the right, and the number in parenthesis refers to the number of responses in that thread or topic. If you click on the Topic listed on the left, all discussion about that topic will appear. You can REPLY to any response by clicking on the REPLY button above that response.

If you have a NEW question or comment, unrelated to any of the other questions or responses, click on the NEW THREAD button at the top of the Forum. Fill in the TOPIC box and then click on the Forum category under which you wish your question or comment to appear. Click OK, and a screen will appear for you to type in your question. Click PREVIEW if you want to see how it will look, or click POST to include your question or comment on the Forum.

You can ATTACH IMAGES to your comment or question. Please resize the image you wish to attach so that it does not exceed 300 pixels in height or width. This resizing must be done before you attempt to "attach" the image. After you have written your question or comment, click ADVANCED. Next click ATTACHMENTS. Click BROWSE to locate the image on your computer, and when you find it and highlight it, click ADD. (The Forum will automatically upload the image to the website server.) Click OK, scroll up a little to go back to your comment or question. Click on PREVIEW to see your entry or POST to make it available for everyone.


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